Tired of information overload on fertility and pregnancy nutrition?

Discover the absolutely essential steps you should take — before, during & after pregnancy — to set the stage for fertility and lifelong health for your baby.

I know you care deeply about a healthy pregnancy and baby, but let’s face it, if doctors – whose full time job is to figure out what really promotes fertility and a healthy baby – can’t give you a clear answer, how are you supposed to unravel the confusion on your own?

  • How can you figure out the most critical things to do or not do?
  • How can you figure out the most essential foods to eat and not eat?
  • How do you know which advice is right and whom to trust?

How 10 years and 1000’s of hours of research unlocked the door to the most essential and reliable solutions for natural fertility, pregnancy and lifelong health for you and your baby.

Chris Kresser

I'm Chris Kresser, a practitioner of integrative medicine and the creator of ChrisKresser.com. A couple of years ago my wife Elanne and I decided we were ready to have our first child. Only – as many of you have also experienced – it turned out not to be as easy as we had hoped. Months passed and we still had not conceived.

We knew it might be more difficult for us than most, as Elanne had recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and was 38 years old by the time we started trying. Many doctors would have advised us not even to try in these circumstances, or at the very least to skip right to IVF or other assisted reproductive technologies.

But as a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and a researcher and writer in the field of nutrition and health, I had a bias toward finding a natural solution, and Elanne also wanted to get pregnant without drugs or IVF if possible. So I dove into the scientific literature with a passion and fervor I’m sure other hopeful parents can understand. I read countless studies in peer-reviewed journals. I poured over 4-inch thick textbooks on all aspects of reproductive health. I consulted with experts in the field. And of course I relied on my own experience of more than 10 years of deep investigation into nutrition and health.

Slyvia Kresser

Then in October of 2010, the magic happened: Elanne and I conceived! We were elated to say the least. And of course all of the research I had done leading up to that point gave us the confidence and knowledge we needed throughout Elanne’s pregnancy. In the summer of 2011 Elanne gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl, weighing 8 lbs., 3 ounces. (That’s her in the picture at right!) Our midwife told us she was one of the most engaged, alert and vibrant newborns she had ever helped deliver in 35 years of practice. Elanne’s diet before and during pregnancy (which is the approach I teach in the Healthy Baby Code) was directly responsible for that.

Chris Kresser’s Healthy Baby Code compiles the most important information available on fertility, gestation and breast feeding. He has studied the wisdom of our ancestral past, as well as the molecular underpinnings of effective nutrition and lifestyle to help you not only conceive, but set the stage for the healthiest baby possible.
Robb Wolf Robb Wolf
Author of NY Times Bestseller The Paleo Solution
Chris Kresser has a knack for translating highly technical, complex facts and information into a format that the typical layperson can easily understand and comprehend. As an OB/GYN and paleo lifestyle enthusiast, fertility and reproductive health are extremely important to my patients and me.
Michele M. Blackwell Michele M. Blackwell,

Combine traditional wisdom and modern science to cut through confusion and hype

  • Chris navigates the intimidating and contradictory nutrition research using common sense, traditional wisdom, and modern scientific acumen.
    Emily Deans Emily Deans
    Clinical Instructor, M.D. Harvard Medical School

In my integrative medicine practice, I often see women trying to conceive or who are already pregnant or breastfeeding following diets that are completely inappropriate – and even unsafe – for their own health and the health of their baby. With so much conflicting information out there, it’s no wonder women are confused.

Some say a low-fat vegetarian or vegan diet is best. Others say a low-carb diet is best. Still others insist that specialty approaches like the Blood Type or Brewer’s diet are the way to go. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

So how can you know which approach to nutrition you can trust? How can you sift through the vast amounts of conflicting information and find an approach that will supercharge your fertility, promote a healthy pregnancy and a safe and natural birth, and set the stage for a long and healthy life for your children?

Fortunately, there is a way to answer this question objectively – without relying the latest fad diet, health trend or opinion. The recommendations made in The Healthy Baby Code are drawn from thousands of generations of evolutionary wisdom as well hundreds of the latest peer-reviewed studies published in major medical journals.

First, we can study what traditional cultures ate during conception and pregnancy. These cultures had high rates of fertility, easy (almost to the point of seeming effortless) births, and a complete absence of the modern diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease that are killing us today.

Second, we can look at what specific nutrients modern science tells us are essential for conception and pregnancy. We have tools today that our traditional ancestors lacked, and we can use these tools to fill in the gaps of their knowledge.

Then we can combine the time-tested strategies of traditional cultures, honed and improved over 77,000 generations, with the latest advances in scientific research, to develop the ultimate nutritional approach for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Bridging traditional wisdom and cutting-edge modern science ensures that The Healthy Baby Code approach is not only extremely effective, but also safe for both the mother and baby.

After completing the program, you will know:

  • The 6 super foods that nearly every culture throughout history has sworn by for boosting fertility and encouraging a safe delivery of a healthy baby?
  • The 9 nutrients modern science has revealed are essential – and where to find them in foods?
  • The 4 commonly eaten foods that promote infertility and should be avoided during pregnancy?
  • Exactly how long to breastfeed your baby to promote lifelong health and resistance to disease?
  • The 8 key principles of how to introduce solid foods to your baby and avoid food reactions and allergies?
  • How to manage stress while trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy?
Pregnant belly

Now you can become an expert in
"healthy baby nutrition" – in less than a day!

The home study course is broken down into 6 video modules (20-25 minutes each) designed to make the material as accessible and easy to digest as possible. PDF transcripts and MP3 recordings of each module are included for those that prefer reading or listening to watching video.

Module 1


Discover how proper nutrition contributes to the lifelong health of your baby (the "developmental origins theory"), the sacred fertility foods used by traditional cultures around the world, and how to avoid the alarming increase in infertility and birth complications in the modern world.

Module 2


Learn how much protein, fat and carbohydrate your baby needs and why the type of each macronutrient may be even more important than the amount. Find out which fats are best for you and your baby (you might be surprised!), why too much fructose can be harmful, and why women naturally crave less protein during pregnancy.

Module 3


Understand exactly which vitamins and minerals are critical for your health and the health of your baby (and which are potentially harmful), where to find them in foods, when it’s necessary to supplement and what dosage of each you need.

Module 4

Food toxins

Learn how four commonly eaten classes of foods contribute to infertility and poor health during and after pregnancy for both mothers and their babies, and how to replace these foods with nourishing, nutrient-dense alternatives.

Module 5

Breastfeeding & first foods

Learn how long you should breastfeed, the key guidelines for introducing foods, which foods to introduce when, and how to minimize the risk of allergies, food reactions and autoimmunity.

Module 6

Putting it all together

Combine everything you’ve learned into a clear, focused strategy for supercharging your fertility, promoting a healthy pregnancy and raising a vibrant, beautiful baby.

Chris Kresser sifts through all the nutritional guidance available and then succinctly writes on everything significant and plausible. He is one of only a handful of gurus I turn to when researching nutritional guidance for our blog (we are a CrossFit affiliate) and our family.
Ginger Sladky Ginger Sladky - Landstuhl, Germany
Chris has an amazing ability to distill complex information into easily digestible bites. As a student nurse-midwife, I was able to refine my knowledge of nutritional principals and further integrate essential information into my practice. I highly recommend Chris' workshop to families in their childbearing years as well as practitioners.
Debby Gipsman Roisman Debby Gipsman Roisman
Student Nurse-Midwife, UCSF
Being a paleo-eater for over a year and still having health issues, Chris’s knowledge and method of researching all angles of various topics has been super helpful. Even though I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, hormones, sleep, exercise, etc. every time I refer to one of Chris’s articles or podcasts, I learn something new. I follow every bit of info he puts out to help myself and my clients.
Kari Wolsky Kari Wolsky - Washington, DC

  • Cheat Sheets

    Cheat Sheets

    To help make it easy for you to apply this to your busy life in a practical way, I've also included these handy Cheat Sheets for quick reminders of the most frequently needed information from how to shop, what to eat, and snack suggestions, to lists of healthy fats, and advice about how to eat gluten free.

  • Extras


    In addition to the core content, The Healthy Baby Code also includes a variety of extras to help you put the principles you'll learn in the core modules into practice right away. These include: quick reference charts, a resource list, meal plans & recipes, and an audio interview with frequently asked questions.

  • Bonus material


    Above and beyond these extras, I'm also including the bonus material to help you get even more out of this program and maximize your chances of having the healthiest baby you can have. The bonus material includes: Deep Relaxation Program for Moms- and Dads-to-Be and Mindful Movements for Fertility and Pregnancy.

How this course could save you up to $60,000 and years of stress and despair

Crawling baby

It’s not unusual for me to see women in my practice that have spent thousands of dollars on expensive consultations with fertility specialists (most of whom know little about nutrition), high-tech diagnostic procedures and IVF treatments.

Just a single cycle of IVF can run upwards of $15,000. Considering that some couples may need up to three cycles to get pregnant (without any guarantee it will work), and considering the cost of consultations with fertility specialists that typically run $600-$1,500 or more and aren’t covered by insurance, it’s not hard to imagine spending more than $60,000 out-of-pocket and still not end up with the baby you’ve dreamed of.

The Healthy Baby Code offers a more natural, lower tech, lower cost alternative or complement to the conventional “high tech” route. In some cases, making the changes suggested in this course – which costs about the same as a daily Starbucks latte and a muffin for a month – could eliminate the need for IVF and potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars.

In other cases, where reproductive technology is necessary, this course could still end up saving you thousands of dollars by maximizing the chances that the first procedure will be successful.

If you’re already pregnant or breastfeeding, you know how hard it is to find reliable information on nutrition. The information presented in The Healthy Baby Code is equivalent to a university level course – only you can’t find this material at any college or graduate school.

And the best part is, for a one-time payment you’ll receive lifetime access to the content. That means when you’re ready to try for another child later, you won’t need to pay again.

Get instant, lifetime access to "The Healthy
Baby Code" for a low, one-time fee

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Once you purchase the course, you’ll get immediate access to the course content via a password-protected website. No waiting for the DVD or printed course to arrive or dealing with shipping hassles. Even better, as an owner you’ll have lifetime access to all future updates of the content and bonuses, as well as exclusive offers for other products and services.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the content of the course within 30 days of your purchase date, simply contact customer support. We’ll refund 100% of your payment with no hassle and no B.S..


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This course is not a substitute for being under the care of a licensed physician or midwife. It doesn't cover reproductive technologies or diagnostic testing, what to do in the event of serious conditions like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia during pregnancy, or how to resolve specific problems you may have breastfeeding. The suggestions made in this course do not constitute individual medical advice or consultation, nor can we guarantee any result or outcome from following these suggestions. Instead, The Healthy Baby Code provides nutritional education to maximize your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby.