Tired of information overload on fertility and pregnancy nutrition?

Discover the absolutely essential steps you should take - before, during and after pregnancy - to set the stage for fertility and lifelong health for your baby.

The truth is you are busy.  I know you care deeply about a healthy pregnancy and baby, but let’s face it, if doctors – whose full time job is to figure out what really promotes fertility and a healthy baby – can’t give you a clear answer, how are you supposed to unravel the confusion on your own?

  • How can you figure out the most critical things to do or not do?
  • How can you figure out the most essential foods to eat and not eat?
  • How do you know which advice is right and whom to trust?
There’s a good reason why most mainstream and natural health professionals don’t have clearer answers for you:
  • They don’t have time to read the most recent research studies, which means their understanding of nutritional science might be years or even decades out of date.
  • They discount hundreds of thousands of years of traditional wisdom about natural, food-based approaches to fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

But the bigger problem with most of the advice out there is:
  • Most advice discounts the importance of our genetic heritage  – the recognition that there are certain foods our bodies are truly designed to eat for maximum health.
  • It relies too heavily on modern products, chemicals, technology and drugs without fully considering natural, food-based solutions.
  • It often takes a narrow western approach, ignoring the interconnectedness of the body and the importance of holistic solutions.
  • It can’t keep up with cutting edge research that has not had time to enter the mainstream, even if it is reliable, proven, and documented.
Would you like to know…
  • The 6 super foods that nearly every culture throughout history has sworn by for boosting fertility and encouraging a safe delivery of a healthy baby?
  • The 9 nutrients modern science has revealed are essential – and where to find them in foods?
  • The 4 commonly eaten foods that promote infertility and should be avoided during pregnancy?
  • Exactly how long to breastfeed your baby to promote lifelong health and resistance to disease?
  • The 8 key principles of how to introduce solid foods to your baby and avoid food reactions and allergies?
  • How to manage stress while trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy?

How 10 years and 1000’s of hours of research unlocked the door to the most essential and reliable solutions for natural fertility, pregnancy and lifelong health for you and your baby.

I’m Chris Kresser, a practitioner of integrative medicine and is the creator of ChrisKresser.com.  A couple of years ago my wife Elanne and I decided we were ready to have our first child.  Only – as many of you have also experienced – it turned out not to be as easy as we had hoped.  Months passed and we still had not conceived.

We knew it might be more difficult for us than most, as Elanne had recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and was 38 years old by the time we started trying.  Many doctors would have advised us not even to try in these circumstances, or at the very least to skip right to IVF or other assisted reproductive technologies.

But as a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and a researcher and writer in the field of nutrition and health, I had a bias toward finding a natural solution, and Elanne also wanted to get pregnant without drugs or IVF if possible.  So I dove into the scientific literature with a passion and fervor I’m sure other hopeful parents can understand.  I read countless studies in peer-reviewed journals.  I poured over 4-inch thick textbooks on all aspects of reproductive health.  I consulted with experts in the field.  And of course I relied on my own experience of more than 10 years of deep investigation into nutrition and health.

Then in October of 2010, the magic happened: Elanne and I conceived!  We were elated to say the least.  And of course all of the research I had done leading up to that point gave us the confidence and knowledge we needed throughout Elanne’s pregnancy.  On July 23rd of 2011 Elanne gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl – Sylvie Riel Hummingbird Kresser – weighing 8 lbs., 3 ounces.  (That’s Sylvie in the picture at right.)  Our midwife told us she was one of the most engaged, alert and vibrant newborns she had ever helped deliver in 35 years of practice.  Elanne’s diet before and during pregnancy (which is the approach I teach in the Healthy Baby Code) was directly responsible for that.

“Chris Kresser’s Healthy Baby Code is a sensible and straightforward resource that will be invaluable to any woman contemplating pregnancy.  Chris navigates the intimidating and contradictory nutrition research using common sense, traditional wisdom, and modern scientific acumen.  As a mother and a physician, I know that Chris has done a fantastic job pulling together definitive nutrition advice, presenting it in easily digestible videos that make for nearly effortless learning for anyone.  Proper nutrition in pregnancy and lactation is vital to the future health of both mom and baby – all mothers would benefit from the wisdom in the Healthy Baby Code.”
Emily Deans, Clinical Instructor, M.D. Harvard Medical School

“Chris Kresser has a knack for translating highly technical, complex facts and information into a format that the typical layperson can easily understand and comprehend. As an OB/GYN and paleo lifestyle enthusiast, fertility and reproductive health are extremely important to my patients and me. Kresser’s passion about healthy families and sustainable nutrition for generations to come is evident in The Healthy Baby Code course. Chris shares his amazing wealth of knowledge about nutrition, fertility, and pregnancy generously throughout The Healthy Baby Code workshop and in the associated materials. Whether you’re just beginning to think about starting a family, or have several kids and one on the way, check out what his course has to offer.  I will certainly be recommending it to my patients.”
Michele M. Blackwell, MD (OB/GYN) F.A.C.O.G, Webster, TX

“Chris Kresser’s Healthy Baby Code compiles the most important information available on fertility, gestation and breast feeding. He has studied the wisdom of our ancestral past, as well as the molecular underpinnings of effective nutrition and lifestyle to help you not only conceive, but set the stage for the healthiest baby possible.”
Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution
“There is nothing I take more seriously than reproduction. Superior health is our birthright and its foundation begins long before we are born. The modern rise in childhood disease and infirmity—conditions often carried into adulthood—has paralleled an unprecedented move away from nature. Chris Kresser’s Health Baby Code is the perfect hybrid of traditional wisdom and modern science in the pursuit of natural fertility and healthy babies. If it were up to me, this course would be required viewing for not only parents-to-be but for anyone who wishes to enjoy abundant health.”
Sean Croxton, creator and host of Underground Wellness Radio
Combine traditional wisdom and modern science to cut through confusion and hype

In my integrative medicine practice, I often see women trying to conceive or who are already pregnant or breastfeeding following diets that are completely inappropriate – and even unsafe – for their own health and the health of their baby.  With so much conflicting information out there, it’s no wonder women are confused.

Some say a low-fat vegetarian or vegan diet is best.  Others say a low-carb diet is best.  Still others insist that specialty approaches like the Blood Type or Brewer’s diet are the way to go.  It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

So how can you know which approach to nutrition you can trust? How can you sift through the vast amounts of conflicting information and find an approach that will supercharge your fertility, promote a healthy pregnancy and a safe and natural birth, and set the stage for a long and healthy life for your children?

Fortunately, there is a way to answer this question objectively – without relying the latest fad diet, health trend or opinion.  The recommendations made in The Healthy Baby Code are drawn from thousands of generations of evolutionary wisdom as well hundreds of the latest peer-reviewed studies published in major medical journals.

First, we can study what traditional cultures ate during conception and pregnancy.  These cultures had high rates of fertility, easy (almost to the point of seeming effortless) births, and a complete absence of the modern diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease that are killing us today.

Second, we can look at what specific nutrients modern science tells us are essential for conception and pregnancy. We have tools today that our traditional ancestors lacked, and we can use these tools to fill in the gaps of their knowledge.

Then we can combine the time-tested strategies of traditional cultures, honed and improved over 77,000 generations, with the latest advances in scientific research, to develop the ultimate nutritional approach for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Bridging traditional wisdom and cutting-edge modern science ensures that The Healthy Baby Code approach is not only extremely effective, but also safe for both the mother and baby.

“With The Healthy Baby Code, Chris Kresser has distilled hundreds pieces of up-to date research into a concise but comprehensive guide to optimizing the health of both you and your baby.
Chris could have justifiably called this the “Healthy Human Code”, as what’s best for concieving and weaning babies is just as good for humans that are fully mature. It’s all here, from the details to the big picture.
I can honestly think of no other health practitioner who has the science of diet as wired as Chris Kresser does.”

Kurt G Harris, MD

“I was impressed! I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who is currently pregnant, or considering it within the next year. This information is so important, and Chris presents it in a way that is clear, digestible, and non-intimidating. Most doctors do not know this stuff. Even many midwives, and other alternative health practitioners, can’t give you this kind of detailed guidance, based both on current science and traditional wisdom. I am so grateful to Chris for sorting through all the conflicting information so I don’t have to. Thanks, Chris!”
Sarah Pullman, Oakland, CA
“I am 12 weeks pregnant, the mom of a toddler and professionally I am a Holistic Lifestyle & Exercise Coach. I absolutely loved this seminar and have recommended it to all my mom and mom to be friends and clients. I even emailed my midwife about it and asked her to email her midwife collective and all her clients past and present.  I really appreciate Chris’ style of sharing a balance between traditional wisdom and modern science.”
Tara Rota, San Francisco, CA

“As a registered nurse and future nurse midwife, I have a responsibility to be well-informed on the topic of nutrition throughout the lifespan. The seminar was backed by evidence and gave me the tools I need to encourage a healthy whole-foods diet for my patients. I highly recommend this seminar and believe the information provided is crucial for growing well-nourished families. Thank you Chris for filling in the gaps in my knowledge; I will draw upon the principles from the seminar for years to come in my clinical practice.”
Alison Hall, RN, Oakland, CA
Now you can become an expert in “healthy baby nutrition” – in less than a day!

The home study course is broken down into 6 video modules (20-25 minutes each) designed to make the material as accessible and easy to digest as possible.  PDF transcripts and MP3 recordings of each module are included for those that prefer reading or listening to watching video.

The core modules include:

  • Module 1 – Foundations. Discover how proper nutrition contributes to the lifelong health of your baby (the “developmental origins theory”), the sacred fertility foods used by traditional cultures around the world, and how to avoid the alarming increase in infertility and birth complications in the modern world.
  • Module 2 – Macronutrients. Learn how much protein, fat and carbohydrate your baby needs and why the type of each macronutrient may be even more important than the amount.  Find out which fats are best for you and your baby (you might be surprised!), why too much fructose can be harmful, and why women naturally crave less protein during pregnancy.
  • Module 3 – Micronutrients. Understand exactly which vitamins and minerals are critical for your health and the health of your baby (and which are potentially harmful), where to find them in foods, when it’s necessary to supplement and what dosage of each you need.
  • Module 4 – Food toxins. Learn how four commonly eaten classes of foods contribute to infertility and poor health during and after pregnancy for both mothers and their babies, and how to replace these foods with nourishing, nutrient-dense alternatives.
  • Module 5 – Breastfeeding & first foods. Learn how long you should breastfeed, the key guidelines for introducing foods, which foods to introduce when, and how to minimize the risk of allergies, food reactions and autoimmunity.
  • Module 6 – Putting it all together. Combine everything you’ve learned into a clear, focused strategy for supercharging your fertility, promoting a healthy pregnancy and raising a vibrant, beautiful baby.

To help make it EASY for you to apply this to your busy life in a practical way, I’ve also included these handy Cheat Sheets for quick reminders of the most frequently needed information from how to shop, what to eat, and snack suggestions, to lists of healthy fats, and advice about how to eat gluten free:

Cheat Sheet: EAT

What to eat – and what not to eat. This quick-reference sheet breaks foods down into three categories: “eat liberally”, “eat in moderation” and “avoid completely”. If you’re ever confused about what to eat, just refer to this sheet. You can put it on your refrigerator and take it with you when you travel.

Cheat Sheet: SNACK

Snacks, travel & eating out. It’s one thing to follow a nutrient-dense diet at home. But what happens when you have to travel, or eat out? And what about snacks when you’re out-and-about between meals? This cheat sheet gives you great ideas for quick-and-easy snack and travel foods and advice on what to eat at restaurants

Cheat Sheet: SHOP

Shopping guide. Switching to a new way of eating can be overwhelming. This shopping guide is the perfect companion for those trips to the store when you’re in a hurry and can’t think of what you should buy. Just keep it in your car so you always have it with you!


Personalized shopping list. Before you go to the store, use the EAT and SHOPPING cheat sheets and the MEAL PLAN to decide what foods you need to buy. Then fill out this shopping list and bring it with you. Couldn’t be easier!

Cheat Sheet: NUTRIENTS

Essential micronutrients for fertility, pregnancy & breastfeeding. This quick-reference chart lists the 11 essential fertility-boosting nutrients that will help you get pregnant and promote lifelong health for your baby.

Cheat Sheet: GLUTEN-FREE

Gluten-free made easy. This exhaustive chart, courtesy of my friend Diane Sanfilippo at BalancedBites.com, reveals the common (and hidden) sources of gluten in foods. It also includes a handy travel card you can keep in your wallet and use at restaurants.

Cheat Sheet: FATS AND OILS

Good fats, bad fats. This chart, courtesy of Diane Sanfilippo at BalancedBites.com, tells you exactly which fats to use for cooking and cold uses (i.e. salad dressings), and which to avoid.

In addition to the core content, The Healthy Baby Code also includes these extras to help you put the principles you’ll learn in the core modules into practice right away:

Extra #1:

Quick reference charts. Easy-to-follow charts and graphics in PDF format designed to help you get started quickly and get you moving again if you get stuck.

Extra #2:

Resource List. A guide to books, blogs, websites, supplement brands, parenting resources and other helpful information for parents and parents-to-be.

Extra #3:

Meal plans and recipes.  A two-week meal plan with delicious recipes to make sure you’re not only eating the right foods, but you’re eating them in style!

Extra #4:

Audio interview with frequently asked questions. A downloadable MP3 recording of me answering some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding nutrition for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Above and beyond these extras, I’m also including the following bonuses to help you get even more out of this program and maximize your chances of having the healthiest baby you can have:

Bonus #1:

Deep Relaxation Program for Moms- and Dads-to-Be. A downloadable MP3 recording that will help manage stress, reduce pain and discomfort and improve energy levels.  Suitable for both moms and dads-to-be and current moms & dads.  ($67 value)

Bonus #2:

Mindful Movements for Fertility and Pregnancy. Two downloadable audio MP3 recording designed to ease tension, improve blood flow, reduce pain and discomfort and set the stage for a healthy pregnancy.  One for women trying to get pregnant and in their first trimester, and another for women in their second and third trimesters.  Men, you can do these too!  ($67 value)

Bonus #3:

9 Steps to Perfect Health. An 84-page eBook primer on the most important dietary and lifestyle steps you can take to promote health, prevent disease and feel better than you’ve ever felt before. ($67 value)

“Unexplained infertility. That was my diagnosis after trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for 2 years.  Granted, we didn’t start trying until I was 35, but nonetheless it was a diagnosis I never expected to hear at 37. Thus I began the long, agonizing relationship with my infertility doctor. We went through the typical initial tests and treatments: testing my fallopian tubes, looking for cysts, checking egg quality, and ultimately discovering I had mild to moderate endometriosis.  I had surgery to treat the endometriosis, and went on to try several rounds of artificial insemination and one round of IVF.

I was FINALLY put in contact with Chris Kresser at about that time. Chris changed my life.  I was shocked the first week how satisfied I felt after eating bowls of bone broth soup, eggs, coconut oil, etc. I did have to go through one more fertility treatment, but that time I got pregnant. I think it had everything to do with healing my autoimmune issues. By that time, I was 40 years old, so I was facing egg quality issues, but my body was able to allow the egg to implant finally!! We now have Henry Emile Meyers, born 6-23-10. He’s a healthy, grain-free happy boy!”

Catharine Meyers, Oakland, CA

How this course could save you up to $60,000 and years of stress and despair

It’s not unusual for me to see women in my practice that have spent thousands of dollars on expensive consultations with fertility specialists (most of whom know little about nutrition), high-tech diagnostic procedures and IVF treatments.

Just a single cycle of IVF can run upwards of $15,000. Considering that some couples may need up to three cycles to get pregnant (without any guarantee it will work), and considering the cost of consultations with fertility specialists that typically run $600-$1,500 or more and aren’t covered by insurance, it’s not hard to imagine spending more than $60,000 out-of-pocket and still not end up with the baby you’ve dreamed of.

The Healthy Baby Code offers a more natural, lower tech, lower cost alternative or complement to the conventional “high tech” route.  In some cases, making the changes suggested in this course – which costs about the same as a daily Starbucks latte and a muffin for a month – could eliminate the need for IVF and potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars.

In other cases, where reproductive technology is necessary, this course could still end up saving you thousands of dollars by maximizing the chances that the first procedure will be successful.

If you’re already pregnant or breastfeeding, you know how hard it is to find reliable information on nutrition.  The information presented in The Healthy Baby Code is equivalent to a university level course – only you can’t find this material at any college or graduate school.

And the best part is, for a one-time payment you’ll receive ongoing access to the content.  That means when you’re ready to try for another child later, you won’t need to pay again.

“Chris has an amazing ability to distill complex information into easily digestible bites.  As a student nurse-midwife, I was able to refine my knowledge of nutritional principals and further integrate essential information into my practice.  I highly recommend Chris’ workshop to families in their childbearing years as well as practitioners.”
Debby Gipsman Roisman, Student Nurse-Midwife, UCSF

“I attended Chris’s The Healthy Baby Code presentation in Berkeley and found it to be thorough and very easily digestible for a person at any interest level in nutrition around pregnancy. I am a therapeutic personal chef, catering to women when they’ve just delivered, offering them meals that aid them in healing and giving their new little ones everything they need nutritionally. It was such a treat to see how much of our nutrition philosophy overlapped but I really learned a whole lot in addition to that foundation.

Chris is incredibly knowledgeable about these specific needs for a growing family and is obviously so passionate about bringing our next generation into the world with a healthy and vital start to life! I would highly recommend this class to anyone planning on having children and encourage them, NOT TO WAIT, even if that might be a few years down the road. There are so many good ideas in this class to ensure a healthy baby far before conception.”

Angie Needels, www.asensationalcreation.com
Get instant, ongoing access to The Healthy Baby Code for a low, one-time fee

Once you purchase the course, you’ll get immediate access to the course content via a password-protected website. No waiting for the DVD or printed course to arrive or dealing with shipping hassles.  Even better, as an owner you’ll have ongoing access to all future updates of the content and bonuses, as well as exclusive offers for other products and services.

  • Six 15-40 minute (2.5 hours) video lessons (in video, audio & PDF format) with everything you need to know about nutrition for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Quick reference charts that will get you started quickly and help you if you get stuck.
  • A 2-week meal plan and recipes to make sure you’re eating delicious, nourishing meals right from the start.
  • A resources guide with links to recommended books, websites and products about various topics related to pregnancy and parenting, from nutrition to childhood development to vaccinations.
  • A deep relaxation audio program to help manage stress, reduce anxiety and improve energy levels.
  • A mindful movements for fertility and pregnancy audio program to promote healthy reproductive function and relieve the pain and tension that can occur during pregnancy.
  • 90-minute audio recording of me answering the most frequently asked questions from the live seminars
  • A free copy of my 86 page eBook 9 Steps to Perfect Health with step-by-step advice on how to improve every aspect of your health.

This information is simply not available in one place anywhere else. And it would cost you hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars in individual consulting fees with me to cover all of the material you’ll find in this course.

After all, we’re talking about 5 & 1/2 hours of how-to audio and video and more than 100 pages of information-packed guidance on how to conceive naturally, have a joyful and easy pregnancy, and raise a healthy, vibrant child.

But because I want more parents and parents-to-be to benefit from this information, I’m offering ongoing access to The Healthy Baby Code for only $197.


Only $197

Our 30 Day 100% No B.S., No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the content of the course within 30 days of your purchase date, simply contact customer support. We’ll refund 100% of your payment with no hassle and no B.S..


Ready to cut through the confusion and hype about nutrition for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding?  Tired of fad-diets that aren’t based on sound science or traditional wisdom?  The Healthy Baby Code is for you.  Sign up now to get ongoing access for $197.

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What this course is not
This course is not a substitute for being under the care of a licensed physician or midwife.  It doesn’t cover reproductive technologies or diagnostic testing, what to do in the event of serious conditions like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia during pregnancy, or how to resolve specific problems you may have breastfeeding. The suggestions made in this course do not constitute individual medical advice or consultation, nor can we guarantee any result or outcome from following these suggestions.  Instead, The Healthy Baby Code provides nutritional education to maximize your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know that you really have better info than anyone else?
    With The Healthy Baby Code, you don’t have to take my word for it. This diet is based on 1000’s of hours spent pouring over 100’s of research studies, trials, and peer reviewed findings. You are getting the combined wisdom of literally 100’s of researchers, doctors, and  specialists. You are also getting the time-tested strategies of traditional cultures, honed and improved over millions of years.
  • I am not sure I will learn well from video.
    I’ve made it as simple as possible for you to absorb this valuable information. Some people learn better visually. Some learn better by reading or  listening. That’s why I went to the trouble of providing it in three formats: video, MP3 audio, and PDF print outs for easy reading, highlighting and note taking.  And the videos have been specially encoded so they’ll look great on the web and on your mobile device.
  • I don’t have the money to spend on this. It seems expensive.
    Where else can you get 7 meetings with an expert on pregnancy and fertility nutrition for about $30 each? That’s about the cost of the co-pay most people have to pay to see their doctors (who are rarely experts in nutrition). It’s even less than you’d spend going out to dinner and a movie! How much is it worth to know that you’ve done your homework and are feeding your baby the absolute best nutrition possible?
  • What if I have to cook and eat all kinds of strange, expensive, or difficult meals?
    Our meal plans is not any more difficult to prepare than the average meal and they are designed to be not only super nutritious for you and your baby, but also stylish and delicious!
  • What will my regular doctor say?
    Most doctors will be the first to tell you that nutrition is a basic building block of good health.  Unfortunately, they receive little training in nutrition in medical school – less than 30 hours in most cases, and sometimes less than 15 hours – so most aren’t experts in nutrition themselves. But they will be thrilled to hear that you are taking your health, and your baby’s health, so seriously.
  • Is the information too complex and technical – too hard to learn?
    This course is specifically designed to remove the confusion and complexity and be super simple to understand and follow – no matter who you are. You do not have to have a fancy degree to learn how to feed yourself and your baby the foods that will ensure the best possible experience for you both.
  • Is the diet safe?
    The foods recommended in this program are the foods our ancestors ate and thrived on for millions of years.   What’s more, modern science has now validated these time-tested dietary principles. In this course, you are getting not just my expertise, but the collective wisdom of traditional cultures around the world as well as the combined expertise of literally 100’s of experts.  Many fad diets are  based on little more than the opinion of one person. This course is just the opposite of a fad. It’s based on  traditional and modern, scientific principles that have been demonstrated to work over and over again.
“Your views on nutrition and health greatly challenge the norm on what we have been led to believe is the ‘right’ nutrition for our everyday needs and in attaining optimum health.

As a student nutritional therapist, I find your blog/facebook/twitter extremely useful, scientifically backed and in-line with my beliefs on nutrition and health (when in some cases this is different to what I am being taught).

In class I always refer to your blog and send the emails round to the group. The work is written in a clear and concise reader friendly and engaging way that anyone with any interest in food and nutrition should find enjoyable, useful and critical to their health.”

Suzie Walker, London, United Kingdom

“After reading Chris’ blog posts, I feel like I armed with the science I inherently knew: my body runs better on less carbs, plain and simple. What I didn’t know is that anxiety and depression are directly related with my intake of sugar, gluten and excess carbs. AND I’ve found that since eating low-carb, I’m not sick as often, which I credit to Chris’ post about how to stay healthy during flu season. I’m so thankful to find his work.”
Heather Hansen, Oakland, CA
“Being a paleo-eater for over a year and still having health issues, Chris’s knowledge and method of researching all angles of various topics has been super helpful. Even though I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, hormones, sleep, exercise, etc. every time I refer to one of Chris’s articles or podcasts, I learn something new. I follow every bit of info he puts out to help myself and my clients.”
Kari Wolsky, Washington, DC
“Chris’ approach to medicine is clearly focused not just on what substances to prescribe as so many others’ are, but on investigating and discovering the underlying cause of someone’s disease based on his/her lifestyle and history. This allows a truly thorough and deep level of healing that many other modalities simply cannot touch. I have been consistently impressed with his research and his clear, concise way of explaining his findings.”
Brehan Crawford, McMinnville, OR
“I have been following Chris’s blog and his advice for going on 2 years now. His investigative reasearch style is so very informative. I’ve had more revelations about health and nutrition from him and am extremely greatful for the work and information he provides. He is nothing short of awesome and if your not familiar with his work, then my suggestion would be to do yourself the favor and check him out! You won’t regret it!”
Jessie Kondracki, Mocksville, NC
“I have had my share of health problems in my late twenties after years of being a health and fitness fanatic. When I became ill many doctors tried to mask my symptoms with medications without ever treating the underlying cause. I slowly regained my health through proper eating and exercise and my physicians are dumbfounded how I am free from medications. Your website and information healped me trememedously in this process. I cannot thank you enough.”
Angela Lawton, Physical Therapist, Brooksville, FL

“Chris Kresser sifts through all the nutritional guidance available and then succinctly writes on everything significant and plausible. He is one of only a handful of gurus I turn to when researching nutritional guidance for our blog ( we are a CrossFit affiliate) and our family.”
Ginger Sladky, Landstuhl, Germany